Alfalfa Comparison

Without NLAgTM on the left, With NLAgTM on the right
15" growth on the Left, 22" growth on the right.
(Sent in by Sydenstricker)

Microbes Under the Microscope

This video shows the microbes under a microscope.

Missouri Soybean Harvest 2021

 When the Missouri soybean average is usually 40 - 45 bushel an acre but you end up with an average of 75.... it's a good day.  Microbial Solutions is making a huge difference for farmers, no matter the crop.  This happy customer used NLAgTM  and Humic-AgTM.  Ratio was 1/2 gallon per acre of each product. 

(Sent in by Neimeyer Farms)

"Thanks to Microbial Solutions we had Jalapenos for over 10 months (even surviving hurricane conditions). Past years we would get a good round of Jalapenos, but it was to our surprise the Jalapenos kept growing and growing producing over 400 in just 3 plants. The only difference was the application of the Microbes. We look forward to applying NLAgTM to our entire garden. "
Thank you,
J. Koll Charleston, SC.

“The tomato plant on the right was planted with NLAgTM added at the time of planting. The plant on the left did not have NLAgTM applied. The plant on the right with the microbial soil amendment, eventually produced 4-5 times the amount of the one on the left.”

Microbes are amazing! Great Results from NLAgTM, Humic-AgTM and TM-90TM

 One of our customers is very happy with our product!  Grew Cherry Runtz - Just listen to his narration in the video!  We will put our product up against any other microbial on the market. The results speak for themselves.

(Sent in by Aaron S)

1lb Dry Weight Cannabis Buds! NLAgTM and Humic-AgTM Made it happen!

NLAgTM combined with Humic-AgTM helped Aaron produce some of the biggest, heaviest and best quality buds he's ever had. This is the first time he has ever produced 1lb dry weight buds, and he did it using NLAgTM and Humic-AgTM.

(Sent in by Aaron S)

Started garden on July 1. Sprayed NLAgTM on the root-ball of the starter vegetables. The vegetables took off, and sprouted cucumbers through November. Watered good for the first few weeks. After that, watered maybe once a week and no watering from September to November – just natural. Here are pictures after just 4 weeks.
AJ Defiance, MO

Wheat Field Comparison

Field on the left was planted without NLAgTM one week prior to the field on the right.  The field on the right which is located less than a mile away from the field on the left, was planted with NLAgTM and is having phenomenal results.  
(Sent in by G.R.)

Soybean Comparison

The beans on the left were not treated with NLAgTM during a drought. Lacking in the number of pods and brown in color.  The beans on the right were treated with NLAgTM during the same drought. Many more pods, healthier and more green than those on the left. The farmer had a yield increase between 5% - 14%
(Sent in by John H)


This evergreen had bad winter burn and was on it's way out. NLAgTM brought this evergreen back to normal in just 1 month.
(Sent in by Hoette Farms)


Cilantro plant on the left was planted without NLAgTM.  Cilantro plant on the right was planted with NLAgTM.
(Sent in by Daniel L)

Watermelon Comparison

Without NLAgTM on the left, With NLAgTM on the right
(Sent in by Daniel L)

This farmer in Illinois has farmed this wheat field for over 50 years. After applying NLAgTM he walked through his field and noticed for the first time in all the years of farming, he did not have any wild onions growing in his wheat. He saved $9/acre by not applying any herbicide and at harvest had no deductions for wild onion.
(Sent in by G. R.)

We moved into our new home in Charleston, SC in March of 2013. We struggled every year with shrubs on one side of our house, as well as with our lawn. Nothing we did seemed to help. One Saturday we were planting some shrubs on that side of our house. This happened to be the FIFTH time that we were trying to plant something else in the hopes that it would grow. Our new neighbor came over to talk to us after we had said that we hoped that this time the shrubs would grow. We already had some dwarf crepe myrtles there, but they had struggled since we planted them two years earlier. She said, “I have something that will definitely help your shrubs not only grow, but thrive”. We said “sure, we’ll try anything”. We sprayed the NLAgTM and Humic-AgTM on the new shrubs as well on the dwarf crepes. All I can say now is WOW! The shrubs grew like crazy and were super healthy, never looked better! The crepes tripled in size! Then we noticed that the grass where there was an overspray looked lush and green! It had never looked like that before. We then sprayed ALL of our shrubs, roses, palms, and grass. The outcome was remarkable, to say the least. Our lawn has never been so thick and green. We have now done another application for the fall. We are excited about what our lawn and shrubs are going to look like moving forward. We HIGHLY recommend these products!!
(Sent in by John and Alison, Charleston, SC)

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