History of NLAgTM

The microbial blend in NLAgTM traces its roots to the product that was developed in the 1950’s. The initiative was to develop a Microbial Inoculate that would ultimately benefit mankind. Billions of years ago when the Earth was new, when methane, ammonia and water surrounded the planet, something extraordinary happened to send oxygen rushing into the atmosphere. The greatest breakthrough was figuring out the process and duplicating it in a remarkable invention that had profound implications. Horticultural specialists and farmers have been struck by the power of this discovery, confirmed in controlled tests, to dramatically increase crop production and to reduce soil erosion. The microbial diversity of NLAgTM   has been expanded from that initially developed and now contains an even broader spectrum of highly beneficial soil organisms. This soil amendment simultaneously enhances soil biology and feeds the plants. They enhance plant growth, color, quality, and vigor by increasing nutrient availability and efficiency.

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