Better Microbes = Bigger Yields

NLAgTM is a microbial based, organic soil amendment.  NLAgTM  can help your plants, trees and crops become healthier and more productive.  Give us a call at (573) 582-1188 or send us a note.
We would love to help improve your soil biology!

Fertilizer cost is on the RISE! 

We can help you cut your fertilizer cost and still maintain, or even INCREASE your yields! Ask us how! We'd love to help!

The Microbial Solutions Family of Products!

The Microbes

The microbial diversity of NLAgTM has been transformed from that initially developed and now contains an even broader spectrum of highly beneficial soil organisms. This microbial inoculant enhances soil biology and simultaneously feeds the plants. NLAgTM will enhance plant growth, color, quality, and vigor by increasing nutrient availability and efficiency.

Soil Health

Healthy soil is alive and teeming with nutrients for plant growth.  Humic-AgTM stimulates essential biological and chemical activity that enriches the soil and keeps it fertile.

Full Spectrum
Ocean Minerals & Trace Elements

TM-90TM is the product of 40 years of extensive research proving that soils and crops enhanced or re-mineralized with full spectrum sea minerals and trace elements grow crops superior to those grown solely with conventional fertilizers.

Why Choose Microbial Solutions


Microbial Diversity

NLAgTM provides highly diverse bacteria and mycorrhiza.



All natural with no chemicals. OMRI listed.


Outstanding Value

Superior microbial performance in the field or garden.


Easy to Use

Simply mix with water per instructions and apply. Nothing to dissolve.


Greater Yields

Experience a larger harvest by enhancing the soil biology to create a better root structure.


Higher Quality

Enjoy higher quality products by enabling the plant a better uptake of nutrients.

Happy Customers

"This is the second year we have used NLAgTM on our crops. We used the product this year on our double crop soy beans and are very impressed with the results so far. We noticed right away that our beans treated with NLAgTM quickly caught up and have now surpassed soy beans planted 5 weeks earlier in the same soil type across the road. Plants from both fields were observed today and the results were truly amazing! There was no comparison to the root system of the plants treated with NLAgTM. We found many pods on the treated plants that had 4 beans per pod, which is unusual for double crop beans. Our plants are loaded with pods! The full season beans in the field next to us do not have near the amount of pods that we found on the treated plants. The field was very uniform in plants sizes with no dry pockets. We are very excited to see the yield results when these soy beans are harvested!" 

Niemeyer Farms Inc.
Marthasville MO

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